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Career Counseling & Coaching

Are you dissatisfied with your career?  Are you stuck in a rut?  Have you just been laid off and are not sure what to do next?  Give yourself the gift of a career tune up to keep your career goals on track. We offer assessments, and hourly and monthly career counseling & coaching sessions.

Executive Coaching

icon3Everyone looks up to you; it’s hard to reach out when you need to make a decision about your career direction. Top executives have few peers to discuss their career choices. Call for a confidential discussion with an experienced professional career counselor.

EAP Career Services Provider

Career-related services are available for employees who can benefit from career development, outplacement, career counseling & coaching, employee & talent development, and executive coaching & counseling. One-on-One counseling & coaching, workshops, seminars, and guest speaking services available.

Career Development

Talent Development

Organizations work hard to hire the best Talent they can find. To keep good Talent, they need to be recognized and developed to increase retention. Discover how to develop the Talent in your organization.

Employee Development

icon2To be competitive, employers need a well-trained workforce. Economic forces increase the need for employee training and development to grow with the organization. Find ways now to meet the needs of your workforce while meeting the needs of your customers.

Leadership Development

Employers have leaders, in the wings, waiting to take their place among the organizational hierarchy. Raw talent requires training and mentoring. Learn how to grow your leadership pool.

Career Transition

Military Transition

Out of the military and having a hard time adjusting to finding work in the private sector? It’s done every day using a few simple tricks. Work with us to find your niche in the job market.


icon9Laid off and don’t know what to do next? You aren’t alone. We can help assess your personal situation, skills, and goals and work with you to design a career strategy and job search materials that can get you back to work.


Not quite finished working? Whether you want to get paid or volunteer, we can help you focus on your interests to enhance your retirement years.


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